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X-men Dark Phoenix (Jean Grey) Costume #1 - Deluxe


Your eyes are not playing tricks with you and yes we are selling the Dark Phoenix Costume #1 now! The deluxe package comes complete with the costume AND a wig! This costume looks absolutely classy and stylish. With the clever layering of the 3 pieces to form the Dark Phoenix Costume, it is no wonder you feel you should get one yourself! So look no further.

What you will be getting: 1 X-men Dark Phoenix (Jean Grey) Costume #1 - Deluxe
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The Dark Phoenix as we all know is one of the few X-men Characters that could destroy even the powerful Professor Charles Xavier also known as Prof. X. Now, you would be able to dress up as her and hypnotize the crowd with the stunning costume you are wearing! The deluxe package comes complete with the costume AND a wig to complete the whole look - click here to find out what you are getting ....

This costume is an artwork itself and it comes in 3 pieces (1 inner vest, 1 pair of pants and 1 outer coat) just to complete her costume! Do not be surprised if you have people complimenting on your costume because it really does look identical to the one costume in the X-men movies. We have provided some common sizes below for your easy choosing.

Alternatively, we also provide custom alterations! All you have to do is to select "Custom Size" size dropdown box when checking out and provide us with the appropriate measurements such as (in inches): weight, height, hip circumference, chest circumference, waist circumference, length from the bottom of the front neck through the crotch to the back of the neck and length from top of waist in the front to the back of the waist. Extra service that many sellers do not provide! Optional measurements might be requested as well if we feel it is necessary, so please make sure that you do regularly check your emails.

Some recommended measurements you should provide that would help to facilitate the faster process of your order:

  1. Tummy Circumference - If your tummy circumference is bigger than your waist size of choice, please provide your tummy circumference.
  2. Upper-arm Circumference - Circumference around the biggest portion of the upper arm.
  3. Shoulder-Arm Circumference - Circumference around the joint connecting the shoulder to your arm starting from the center of the armpit.
  4. Upper-Thigh Circumference - Circumference around the biggest portion of the upper thigh.

Side Note:
As the will be custom made to your size or based on the common sizes you selected; hence, our return policy is less flexible as we would have difficulty reselling it if you provided the wrong measurements. So it is important to make sure that all measurements provided are accurate. We usually provide a replacement costume if the product is damaged upon receipt (Click here to read more about our return policy). If we are unable to provide a replacement costume, we will be happy to refund you the full amount.

*Click on thumbnail to view larger images

Front view 1 Front view 2 Back view 1 Pants view 1 Waist view 1 Skirt Side view 1 Skirt Back view 1 Wrist Cuffs view 1 Wrist Cuffs view 2 Front view Back View Side View 1 Side View 2 Free Wig Cap

Common Costume Sizes (inches):
Costume Sizes

Materials Used:

What you will be getting: 1 X-men Dark Phoenix (Jean Grey) Costume

  • 1 X-men Dark Phoenix Inner Vest
  • 1 X-men Dark Phoenix Pair of Pants
  • 1 X-men Dark Phoenix Outer Coat
  • 1 Red Wig (80cm, Heat Resistant Fiber, comes with 1 free wig cap)

Estimated Costume Making Time: 10-15 working days
Estimated Wig Making Time (if out-of-stock): 10-15 working days

Estimated Shipping Time:
To the U.S., Europe and Asia - 1-2 weeks
* Express Shipping - 4-7 days (+ US$25)
* Applicable to Most Countries (Contact us to be sure - Click here)

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