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X-men Jean Grey Costume #2 - Deluxe (With Gloves)


Yes ladies! We have Jean Grey costume for sale and she is also commonly known as the Phoenix from the X-men movies or comics as well. This costume is to die for because it really looks so stylish and similar to the one shown in the X-men movies. Our deluxe package is all you need to get to doll yourself up as Jean Grey!

What you will be getting: X-men Jean Grey Costume #2 - Deluxe (With Gloves)
Measurements:  Feet  Inches

* Please take note that 1 to 2.5cm might be added on top of your jacket/pants measurements relative to the weight and height provided due to characteristics of material used.
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The magnificent and powerful Jean Grey costume is for sale in our store! With a newly improved design in our X-men Jean Grey costume in terms of the cutting and the piping as well. Do note that in this version, the hips, shoulders and back of the costume has some difference in placement of the piping.

Now, you are able to dress up and feel the power of the Phoenix. The deluxe package will give you an additional pair of X-men Jean Grey Gloves #1 to further complete our 2nd version of X-men Jean Grey costume design - click here to find out what you are getting .... This costume is an artwork itself and it comes in one suit.

Now, you can customise the costume to your size! Extra service that many sellers do not provide!

What you will be getting:

  • 1 X-men Jean Grey Costume (Exclusive of Wig & Boots)
  • 2 Pairs of Brass Red Cufflinks
  • 1 Zinc Alloy Red Belt Buckle
  • 1 Pair of X-men Jean Grey Gloves #1

Estimated Costume Making Time: 10-15 working days


Materials Used:
Jacket/Pants - Pleather with no inner satin (to preserve elasticity & Optional Spandex as Inner Lining)
Gloves - Pleather (Plastic Leather & Optional Spandex as Inner Lining)

Shipping Details
To the U.S., Europe and Asia - 1-2 weeks
* Express Shipping - 4-7 days (+ US$35)
* Applicable to Most Countries (Contact us to be sure - Click here)
As the jacket/pants/gloves will be custom made to your size or based on the common sizes you selected; hence, our return policy is less flexible as we would have difficulty reselling it if you provided the wrong measurements. So it is important to make sure that all measurements provided are accurate. We usually provide a replacement jacket/pants/gloves if the product is damaged upon receipt (Click here to read more about our return policy). If we are unable to provide a replacement jacket/pants/gloves, we will be happy to refund you the full amount.
Size & Fit Guide
X-men Jean Grey Costume #2 - Deluxe (With Gloves) Size & Fit Guide

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