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X-men Jean Grey Gloves #1


This pair of X-men Jean Grey gloves will essentially complete if not enhance your X-men Jean Grey costume! Having a complete costume is important and it makes you stand out from the rest. And why shouldn't you be different?

What you will be getting: 1 pair of X-men Jean Grey Gloves #1

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Do you need a sleek and elegant looking pair of X-men Jean Grey gloves to complete your X-men Jean Grey costume? Well, i believe this is what you are looking for. This design is a good replication of the glove design worn in the X-men movies and we worked closely with a fellow X-men fan to add this to our collection. We have even included our "X" designed cufflinks included with the gloves which will make your X-men Jean Grey costume even more outstanding than ever.

We understand what an X-men fan needs and feels when it comes to completing their costume. Hence, this pair of gloves is one of the greatest accessories to have. This design was worked together with a fellow X-men fan and was eventually added to our collection.

If you would like to make some minor adjustments to the designs, we will be happy to do it for you. For major change in design, you can always email us to check if we can do one for you!

As we will be custom making the gloves based on the size of your hands, it is essential you provide information using your dominant hand such as (inches): width of palm (exclude thumb) and length from tip of middle finger to base of hand.

Wearing the right accessories with your costume will definitely make you stand out from the rest!

Side Note:
As the gloves will be custom made to your size; hence, our return policy is less flexible as we would have difficulty reselling it if you provided the wrong measurements. So it is important to make sure that all measurements provided are accurate. We usually provide a replacement pair of gloves if the product is damaged upon receipt (Click here to read more about our return policy). If we are unable to provide a replacement pair of gloves, we will be happy to refund you the full amount.

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X-men Gloves Back 1 X-men Gloves Fingers 1 X-men Gloves Front 1 X-men Gloves Edge 1

Measurement Guide
Gloves Measurement Guide

Materials Used:
Pleather (Plastic Leather & Optional Spandex as Inner Lining)

What you will be getting:
1 pair of X-men Jean Grey Gloves #1

Estimated Gloves Making Time: 5-8 days

Estimated Shipping Time:
To the U.S., Europe and Asia - 1-2 weeks
* Express Shipping - 4-7 days (+ US$15)
* Applicable to Most Countries (Contact us to be sure - Click here)

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