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X-men Storm Headband #1


Feel that sometime is missing from your X-men Storm costume? Well, maybe this is the missing puzzle! Storm has been seen wearing headbands in many comics and cartoon shows, so why shouldn't you get one complete your costume? Buying the right accessories is essential!

What you will be getting: 1 X-men Storm Headband #1

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What better way to complete your X-men Storm's costume then with getting one of our X-men Storm Headband, which was suggested by one of our very own X-men fan! Nothing comes closer than having a design suggested by one of you to complement with your X-men Storm costume.

This headband will match perfectly for all X-men Storm costumes whether you want to match it to her traditional costume wear in the comics to the costume donned by her in the X-men movies. It will fit perfectly and nothing less for our weather goddess! The only measurement we need is the length from the left to your right temple. That's all! Simple isn't it?

What you will be getting:
1 X-men Storm Headband #1

Estimated Headband Making Time:
5-8 days

SpecificationsPleather for most of the headband
Velcro used for the strap
Shipping Details
To the U.S., Europe and Asia - 1-2 weeks
* Express Shipping - 4-7 days (+ US$20)
* Applicable to Most Countries (Contact us to be sure - Click here)
As the headband will be custom made to your size; hence, our return policy is less flexible as we would have difficulty reselling it if you provided the wrong measurements. So it is important to make sure that all measurements provided are accurate. We usually provide a replacement headband if the product is damaged upon receipt (Click here to read more about our return policy). If we are unable to provide a replacement headband, we will be happy to refund you the full amount.
Size & Fit Guide
X-men Storm Headband #1 Size & Fit Guide

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